Get to the Choppa – Predator T-Shirt

Get to the Choppa - Predator T-Shirt - On Ebay

They've made 3 Predator movies, all of them have been sick, I recently heard another one's on the way where Shane Black will be directing. I'm pretty psyched to say the least, but truth be told, there will never be a better Predator that beats the first. Arnold Schwarzenegger was epic in this movie, I mean who hasn't heard the quote "get to the choppa" before? Everyone I know loves this movie, Ventura and Arnold were just hardcore. Throw in some of Arnold's humor, six more bad asses, and a terrifying Alien. You have one of the best sci-fi movies ever created! Well if you loved this movie just as much as me, you gotta pick up one of these funny "Get to the Choppa" T-shirts, any Predator or Arnold Schwarzenegger's fans will love this shirt.