I Still Hate Laettner T-Shirt

I Still Hate Laettner T-Shirt - On Ebay

Get your very own "I still hate Laettner" shirt from our shop. Whether it was the infamous shot at against Kentucky or the upset against UNLV or Michigan. Whichever game you're pissed at Christian Laettner for, ya gotta respect the guy or his mad basketball skills. Still the most hatest player in basketball, Christian Laettner has been enshrined in the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame and holds records for the most points scored, most free throws made, and most games won in NCAA tournament history. I think it's safe to say, the trolling and hating of Christian Laettner was inevitable! Luckily Laettner is a stand up guy and embraces the hate, as we all need to realize this is just a game, a very fun game, but still just a game!