Jake The Snake Roberts T-Shirts

Menacing and very intimidating because he always brought a python into the ring, Jake The Snake Roberts is one of the first superstar wrestlers capable of taking your down physically as was emotionally with his psychological warfare tactics. Jake The Snake used fear as a weapon, as he move in close to use his famous finishing move, the DDT, to deliver one of the most brutal finishes ever. He brought out the wrestler in all of us, as he would become a big fan favorite. Jake Roberts had memorable rivalries with some of the best wrestlers in the industry, like Honky Tonk Man, the Million Dollar Man and Andre the Giant. Wrestlers like Jake the Snake will never be forgotten, as long as his fans wear his T-shirts and watch their favorite wrestling matches on YouTube. Buy a Jake The Snake Roberts T-Shirt now and help the legend live on, great gift for both your husband and son, who probably love to watch wrestling!

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